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Drone Automation and Universal Ground Control Station

Global Digital Solutions Sdn. Bhd. develop Solutions and provide Services related to AI based Flight Controller for Autonomous Navigation of UAVs: 


Design of flight navigation, guidance, and control scheme


Computer simulation and validation of navigation and control algorithms


Design and testing of fault critical systems and failure mode analysis


SIL (Software-In-Loop) and HIL (Hardware-In-Loop) testing of autopilot subsystems


Development, tuning and testing of AI based control algorithms


Design and development of flight controller hardware compliant with the guidelines and regulations


Deployment and testing of autopilot system for various autonomous navigational capabilities

Software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing of failure prognostics and decision making tools for UAV systems
will facilitate more comprehensive and cost-effective testing than what is practical to conduct with flight tests.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drone Technologies

AI-powered drones incorporate advanced computer vision systems, utilizing cameras and sensors to perceive their environment accurately. These systems enable drones to navigate complex terrains, detect and avoid obstacles, and even perform precision maneuvers.

Flight controller (FC) firmware is the software that runs on the flight controller board of an FPV (First Person View) drone. Different types of Flight Controller firmware offer varying levels of functionality and customization options. Choosing the right firmware can have a significant impact on the performance and capabilities of FPV drone, as well as the ability to fine-tune and personalize flight experience. It’s important to research and select a firmware that aligns with specific needs and goals as a drone pilot. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays significant role in the development and operation of UAVs. AI-related technologies are utilized to enhance various aspects of drones, from navigation and autonomy to data analysis and image recognition. Here are some key AI-related technologies and their applications in drones that Global Digital Solutions plans to incorporate:


Autonomous Navigation: 
AI algorithms, such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and path planning for enabling drones to navigate autonomously, avoiding obstacles and adjusting their flight paths in real time. This is crucial for tasks like surveillance, search and rescue, and inspection.


Computer Vision: 
Drones can use computer vision techniques for object detection, tracking, and recognition. This is useful for tasks like monitoring agricultural fields, identifying infrastructure damage, or tracking moving objects


Machine Learning for Image Analysis: 
Machine learning models, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), can be trained to analyse images and videos captured by drones. This can be applied in agriculture for crop health assessment, in wildlife conservation for animal monitoring, or in infrastructure inspection.


Remote Sensing and Data Collection: 
AI can be used to process data collected by drones, such as environmental data, and provide real-time analysis for applications like disaster management, weather forecasting, and environmental monitoring.


Swarm Intelligence: 
AI algorithms enable drones to work in swarms, coordinating their actions, sharing information, and optimizing tasks like search and rescue, agriculture, and surveillance.


Natural Language Processing (NLP): 
NLP can be used to facilitate communication between operators and drones. Operators can give commands through voice or text, and drones can provide reports or status updates in natural language.


Edge-over-Cloud computing technology: 
AI processing can be pushed to the edge (onboard the drone) to reduce latency and enhance real-time decision-making. This is important for tasks that require rapid response, like autonomous flying and avoiding obstacles


Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: 
Drones can be equipped with sensors to collect data on their condition and performance. Machine learning models can be used to predict when maintenance is needed, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.


Security and Anti-Drone Measures: 
AI can be used for both drone security and countering unauthorized drone use. AI can help detect and identify unauthorized drones in restricted areas and develop countermeasures


Reinforcement Learning: 
This technique can be used to train drones to learn from their own experiences and improve their performance over time. It’s especially useful for complex tasks that may involve trial and error learning.


5G based data connectivity and telemetry: 
High-speed 5G networks enable real-time communication and data transfer, which is essential for AI-driven drones to operate effectively, especially in remote areas or for applications like delivery services.

These AI-related technologies are continually advancing and are making UAVs more versatile and capable in various industries, from agriculture and construction to public safety and surveillance. The combination of AI and drone technology has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our daily lives.


Superior indigenously developed flight stack design for platform agnostic development & deployment.


Ability to configure based on application specific requirements (less dependency)


Closed-source customizable solution for users executing operations involving P&C (private & confidential). 


State-of-the-art sub-system level development & integration capability for efficient & reliable system performance.


Flexibility with Software-As-A-Service.

Drone automation services in Malaysia are provided by Global Digital Solutions. Drone technology is consistently evolving, and Malaysia is at the forefront of this evolution. One of the most essential and exciting developments in Drone technology has been in the form of universal ground control stations (GCS). We at Global Digital Solutions help you in controlling multiple drones simultaneously with groundbreaking technology.

How is Drone Automation revolutionizing the industry?

In recent years, the Drone technology has come across an unprecedented growth.
The concept of drone automation has helped enhance the efficiency of multiple sectors.
Utilizing computer vision technology, drones can capture and analyze high-quality visual data to obtain information in real-time and instantly. Businesses across a range of industries can improve their operations and meet timelines with the help of this real-time visual data analysis.
Some of the ways that Drone automation has been helpful in Malaysia include


Drones that come equipped with advanced sensors have helped monitor crop health, optimize irrigation, and aid in precision farming. We at Global Digital Solutions help you by providing you with crop health reporting systems. We assist precision farming companies in developing solutions to make agriculture more profitable.

Inspection of infrastructure

Automated drones also help streamline the inspection of critical infrastructure. Some of the areas where drone automation can be helpful include bridges, power lines, and pipelines, ensuring timely maintenance. Our trusted team helps you develop practical automation systems.

Search and rescue operations

Drone automation can also help in the rescue operations. The advanced sensors on the drones can let them search for missing people and assess damage in the aftermath of natural disasters. With the adequate drone mapping systems developed by us, you can streamline your search and rescue operations quite meticulously.


Automated drones also help streamline the inspection of critical infrastructure. Some of the areas where drone automation can be helpful include bridges, power lines, and pipelines, ensuring timely maintenance. Our trusted team helps you develop practical automation systems.


Several industries are exploring the possibility of using drone technology and drone automation to achieve last-mile delivery. We develop software solutions that can enable a faster and more cost-effective transportation of goods.

Universal ground control station for drone –
The Brain behind Drone automation

When it comes to successful drone automation, the prime factor that makes it possible is the Universal ground control station for drone. This is a sophisticated system that serves as the nerve center. They help you monitor, control, and analyze drone missions with a high degree of precision.
The key features of the ground control stations would include:

Centralized control

The Universal ground control stations help you control multiple drones, providing you with a unified interface for managing your mission seamlessly.

Real-time data analysis

You, as an operator, can get real-time updates and data streams. It can help you in quicker decision-making. It can also help you in faster decision-making during your missions.

Planning of missions

The ground stations are also quite practical in compelling mission planning. You can easily define flight paths, waypoints, and tasks with ease.

Why choose us as the best drone automation in Malaysia company?

Malaysia has been the preferred destination for drone technology. The country has embraced drone technology and drone automation tools from across multiple sectors. The government initiatives are designed to promote research and development in the drone industry.
Some of the areas in which we have been able to achieve huge success in drone automation include

The powerful regulatory framework

We are associated with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia for a practical regulatory framework for drone operations. We ensure compliance and safety with all airspace regulations.

Inspection of infrastructure

We are involved in advanced research in the realm of drone technology, focusing on applications tailored to the country’s unique needs.

Search and rescue operations

Global Digital is involved in international collaborations and partnerships to help stay at the forefront of advancement in drone technology. Our knowledge-sharing initiatives help you in several areas where drone automation can prove to be extremely practical.

Safety at its best

We have developed safe work procedures and checklists for your specific application requirements. With us, you can be assured of an excellent degree of safety and precautions so that your drone automation remains completely safer.

We stay informed

We keep ourselves updated about the innovations in drone technology and the drone industry. This helps us remain responsible and sustainable growth.

Our hands-on experience in every aspect of drone automation assists you in bringing a unique perspective to drone technology in general and drone automation in particular. We aim to provide services that offer you drastically cost-effective.

Looking forward to the future of drone automation in Malaysia

As you keep looking ahead to the incredible strides being made in the direction of Drone automation, the future of the technology looks quite impressive and promising. The synergy between drone automation and universal ground control stations is set to drive innovation. This will also go a long way in redefining the industries and contributing to the economy of Malaysia. We at Global Digital Solutions understand the essence of drone automation and Universal Ground Control stations. Just as we are celebrating the progress of drone technology, we do foresee a huge degree of development in the days ahead. We can be your one-stop solution for practically all your needs as far as Drone automation is concerned.
When it comes to drone technology, the sky is definitely not the limit. Drone technology goes beyond the sky.
Companies have been leveraging several techniques for streamlining their operations.

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