Market Leaders in ERP bundled with POS system for F&B Retail Chain outlets in Malaysia -Redefining Food and Beverage Industry

Cloud Technologies:
AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud.
Oracle database, Postgres, Mango DB, Dynamo DB

Software Core:
Python, Java, .dot net, delphi, angular js, node js


Our solution is an ERP bundled with POS for Food & Beverage industry


A comprehensive business solution for the Food & Beverage industry that covers multiple parts of a business such as – POS, Inventory, Accounting, HR & payroll, Assets, Promotions and much more.


It helps owners of standalone restaurants and multi-outlet restaurants, cost control or finance managers, & restaurant managers to understand how to do their job better, more efficiently & simplify a lot of otherwise complicated tasks


Pilferage & wastage may be costing more than you know.  Easily calculate your food cost – cost of recipes, buffet items and other ingredients based on multiple parameters that affect the final cost of production.


Automatically integrates and uploads all sales data & consumption with the Finance Module, to maintain proper records.


Automatically integrates and uploads all sales data & consumption with the Finance Module, to maintain proper records.


Easily transfer items from one location to another and track stock levels across outlets.


Easily calculate your food cost – cost of recipes, buffet items and other ingredients based on multiple parameters that affect the final cost of production.


See stock in hand, low level stock information, automate your reorders for your best-selling items etc, and make informed decisions about your inventory level to optimise your sales.


Simplify all your procurement by centrally managing your vendors across all channels and eliminate errors and extra data entry.


Keep track of items from ‘inward entry to consumption’, manufacturing and expiry dates, shelf life, retail prices and even compute rebates


Have complete and live visibility to budget for operational expenses.


Handling cash should never be worrisome, be it coming in or going out, cash in hand or cash in the bank


With business going great and multiple branches opening tv, accounting and reporting shouldn’t ever take a hit, even across multiple legal entities, within a group


Generation of invoices with updated tax rates on automated posting of sales entries directly from PoS module.


Sometimes one needs insights that aren’t usually available in most solutions, that’s why iDine provides ‘power reporting’ for its users.


Automatically reconcile all your ledgers with the bank and keep all your records updated.


Centrally set menus and pricing, tax rates, stock levels, staff shifts and reporting across multiple outlets painlessly.


Get an instant snapshot and access to the most important info, whether you’re looking for a high-level view of your business or want to get into the nitty-gritty details.


Create user accounts and define permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Keep sensitive information hidden and secure.


Makes it super easy to set offers and discounts across products, takeaways and table management, across branches or locations.


iDine works with leading merchant providers around the world, including online or digital wallets.  So choosing to collect payment is a breeze.


Simplify incoming orders and improve back-of-the-house efficiency with a PoS based kitchen display system.


Validate the physical existence of inventory reflected in the books/records.

Market Leaders in ERP Solutions in Kuala Lumpur,

Global Digital Solutions is redefining the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape food and beverage Industry.

Several areas make the food and beverage industry a complex business in nature. A few such signs of a competitive environment would include stringent regulations, complex supply chains, and demanding consumer expectations.

We at Global Digital Solutions help you cover all the areas of handling the Food and Beverage Industry – including PoS, Inventory, Accounting, HR & payroll, Assets, Promotions, and everything else.

What Key benefits do we offer?

The beauty of an ERP system lies in its ability to create a centralized platform for managing every aspect of the food and beverage industry. Right from procurement and production to inventory management, sales, and finance, our services cover almost every aspect of the entire industry.


By integrating each of these functions into the platform, our ERP systems help you streamline the processes, reduce the costs, and improve the overall visibility of your business.

As the Market Leaders in ERP Solutions in Kuala Lumpur, we offer you the following benefits

Improved productivity and efficiency

ERP systems automate most of the repetitive tasks. This can go a long way in streamlining the workflow efficiently. You can expect to gain significant growth in efficiency and productivity with us.

Enhanced supply chain management

ERP automation helps you in offering better inventory control, supplier management, and demand forecasting.

Increased product quality and safety

We make sure that your food and beverage industry adheres strictly to the guidelines and regulatory requirements. This will ensure that your product safety and traceability are improved and enhanced through the ERP systems.

Reduced cost

ERP will help you optimize the allocation of resources and thus enable you to reduce waste and negotiate better pricing. You will experience better cost savings across all areas of your business.

Improved decision-making

Our ERP systems provide you an actionable insight into the performance of your business and the areas that need improvement.

Supply Chain management

Control and manage the supply chain. It involves the proper management of procurement, inventory, and logistics to optimize supply chain efficiency. We help you ensure timely production, reduced wastage, and the provision for meeting the fluctuating market demands.

Recipe and formula management

These modules will ensure consistency in product quality. The ERP module for recipe management provides that you are in control of ingredients and quantities. It includes sourcing ingredients and, management and recipe creation.

Quality control

This module of our ERP systems will ensure that you have taken appropriate care of the industry standards and regulations. Abiding by these regulations is of crucial priority in the food and beverage sector and we help you in keeping a tab on the proper quality.

LOT Traceability

This module is helpful in cases where you may have to recall a lot. This can also help you in identifying and tracing the source of the issues in the lot rejection.

Production Planning and Control

The production, planning, and control module can help ensure that the demands are met, and overproduction or wastage is avoided.

Financial management

The ERP module is useful in letting you manage the costs, budgets, and financial transactions effectively. The module proves to be handy in helping you manage costs, budgets, and financial transactions effectively.

What makes us the Market Leaders in ERP Solutions in Malaysia?

The bustling business landscape of Malaysia is home to several food and beverage establishments. Our ERP systems play a major role in providing you with a competitive edge over our competitors.

Here are a few key factors that differentiate us from the other players in the sector
while catering to the unique demands of the Kaula Lumpur business environment –
Expertise in the food and beverage industry

We have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. We have a deep knowledge of the nuances of the industry and crafted the ERP solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

A comprehensive suite of modules

The end-to-end integration across different areas and specific modules helps us cater to each of the needs that your industry may have. Right from supply chain management to financial planning, we have all key areas of your business covered.

A proven track record

We have been behind the success of a multitude of food and beverage industries across Kaula Lumpur and surrounding areas. Our satisfied customers and their testimonials speak for us.

Customized solutions

We cater to each of the specific requirements that the local regulations and guidelines may demand from time to time. We offer customized solutions based on your particular needs.

Continuous innovation

We do understand that the business environment does not remain stagnant. We do make sure that we and our team are abreast with the latest in the field of the food and beverage industry. We keep evolving with time and help our clients evolve with us.

Strategic partnerships

We have strategic partnerships with key players in the food and beverage industry. This gives us an edge in understanding the needs of the industry and formulating ERP systems that specifically cater to the needs of the industry at large.

All those key factors should point to our excellence in the field of EERP systems for the food and beverage industry. The unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence keeps Global Digital Solutions at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Embark on a journey of transformation with ERP solutions

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover how ERP can revolutionize your food and beverage business. Do not wait for another day and make your competitor take a lead over you. Get in touch with us today, and move ahead in your journey towards being a more efficient, profitable, and successful food and beverage business.